Cycling Scenic West Virginia - Pocahontas County

  • Marlinton - County Seat
  • Jericho Road
  • Edray
  • Back Mountain Road
  • Back side of Droop Mountain
  • Locust Creek Covered Bridge
  • Clover Lick Oxbow
  • Droop Mountain Overlook
  • Scenic Highway Overlook
  • Greenbrier River Trail
  • Woodrow Road
Marlinton - County Seat1 Jericho Road2 Edray3 Back Mountain Road4 Back side of Droop Mountain5 Locust Creek Covered Bridge6 Clover Lick Oxbow7 Droop Mountain Overlook8 Scenic Highway Overlook9 Greenbrier River Trail10 Woodrow Road11
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Pocahontas County

Pocahontas County is a well known destination for the outdoor enthusiast with a wide variety of recreational activities. The road riding opportunities are outstanding in this county. What I consider the best cycling road in the state, Pocahontas Co. #1 runs for 33 miles from Durban to Edray. Marlinton, the county seat, offers dining and lodging facilities.

Pocahontas County Rides

The annual MS 150 bicycle ride is a great way to get introduced to riding in the county on a supported ride.

A little about the county.

Pocahontas County is the third largest county in West Virginia and at 9.25 per square mile, has the lowest population density. It is an elongated county with a length of about 53 miles from NE to SW. The Greenbrier River bisects the county from is sources on the northern boundary to where it exits the county on the southern border South of Denmar. The first known white settlers were Jacob Marlin and Stephen Sewell in 1740. Real development did not begin until the C&O Railroad built the rail line up the Greenbrier River to Durbin, to tap the rich forest resources of the area. Henry Gassaway Davis later built the Coal and Iron Railroad (later Western Maryland) form Elkins to Durbin With the exception of fourteen miles between Cass and Durbin, all the railroad mileage has been converted to rail trails. The West Fort Rail trail between Durbin and Glady is my favorite in the state.


Area Attractions:

Local Sources

Nearest Bike Shops:
Hill and Holler Bicycle Works,121 East Washington Street, Lewisburg, WV
The Dirt Bean, bike shop and cafe. 217 8th St. in downtown Marlinton was destroyed by fire in the Fall of 2013.


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