Cycling Scenic West Virginia - Tucker County

  • Cheat River at St. George
  • Tucker County CourthouseParsons
  • St. George
  • Cheat Valley near St. George
  • Co. 1
  • Blackwater Falls
  • Lindy Point
  • Chear River, St. George
  • Horseshoe Run Valley
  • Irons Chapel
  • Location Road
Cheat River at St. George1 Tucher County Courthouse2 St. George3 Cheat Valley near St. George4 Co. 15 Blackwater Falls6 Lindy Point7 Chear River, St. George8 Horseshoe Run Valley9 Irons Chapel10 Location Road11

Tucker County

Tucker County, located in the northern part of the highlands, has long been a destination for persons seeking outdoor adventure. The county has two downhill ski resorts, one cross country resort, three state parks, a water sports outfitter, a national wildlife refuge, as well as part of the national forest. It is also a mountain biking destination. With the noted exception of the the water sports, almost all the activities are, as the locals put it, up mountain. The featured biking routes, however, are in the down mountain area of the county around Parsons and St. George.

Tucker County Rides

The rides are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy the views of the rivers, forest, and farms while doing these rides.

A little about the county.

Tucker County was established in 1856, from land taken from Randolph County. It was named for Henry St. George Tucker Sr. a Virginia jurist. St. George was the first county seat, before being moved to Parsons. Mining and timber were the initial industries that brought development to the county. Henry Gassaway Davis, and Stevens B. Elkins, were prime movers in the early industrial development of the county. Lumbering continues at a much reduce rate, mining is minimal, but tourism has become a major economic generator for the county. The Kingsford Charcoal Company, (started by Henry Ford) plant in Parsons, is a leading employer in the county.

On the Parsons-Kerens Loop, you will pass the site of the Battle of Corricks Ford, where General Garnett became the first general to die in combat in the civil war. The bike route follows the path the armies took from Parsons to Keren, but in reverse when ridden in the suggested direction.

Kingsford is now the only major industry in Parsons, but at one time there was a large tannery in the town. The Western Maryland Railroad ran through town and is now the Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail.


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