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  • Spring Beauty
  • Co. 33
  • Looking into Summer CountyState Route 122 near Monroe - Summers Co. Line.
  • Bluestone Wildlife Management AreaPark Office is to the right.
  • Co. 33/2
  • Co. 23/6
  • Co. 15/1
  • Co. 15
  • Co. 15
  • Co. 15
  • Greenbrier River at Pence Springs
  • Co. 6.
Spring Beauty1 Co. 332 Looking into Summer County3 Bluestone Wildlife Management Area4 Co. 33/25 Co. 23/66 Co. 15/17 Co. 158 Co. 159 Co. 1510 Greenbrier River at Pence Springs11 Co. 6.12

Summers County

Summers County Location MapSummers County, located in the southern part of the highlands, is most noted for it water recreation opportunities. With the Bluestone, Greenbrier and New Rivers and Bluestone Lake, there are miles of water to enjoy. The initial listed rides for the county will be in the western edge of the county, adjacent to Greenbrier and Monroe Counties.

Summers County Rides

A little about Summers County.

The county seat of Summers County is Hinton. Hinton was and is a railroad town, being a division point on the Chesapeake and Ohio, now CSX railroad. The Bluestone Dam and Bluestone Lake are the most significant physical features of the county.

Area Attractions:

Local Sources

Nearest Bike Shop: Hill and Holler Bicycle Works,121 East Washington Street, Lewisburg, WV

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