Cycling Scenic West Virginia

Clayton Loop 1


Length: 21.6
Climbing: 1,706
Rating: 1.9
Climbing per Mile: 79
Minimum Alt.: 1,485 Ft.
Maximum Alt: 2,151
Variance: 666 Ft.

Location: This ride is in eastern Summers, and western Monroe Counties

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General Route Description

This is a short route that follows the hills on both sides of the Greenbrier River. A quarter of the route follows state route 3 leaving and arriving in Alders on. The rest of the ride is on narrow low traffic roads.

Alderson to Pence Springs: Parking along the river on Art. 3 in Alders on., you cross the pedestrian bridge and continue South on Art. 3. You begin a twisty climb as you leave Alders on. before a gentle downgrade and the junction of 3/2 that becomes 15/1 in Summers County. County 3/2 which becomes 15/1 is a narrow and has a couple places where the pavement is far from ideal, but still passable. You have a couple of climbs on 15/1 before crossing back into Monroe County as CO. 7/1 and connecting with CO. 7. Taking a right on Co. 7 you have a short steep climb on CO. 7 which becomes CO. 15 in Summers CO. You travel thru some pretty farm country and drop down to the Greenbrier River and bare right, continuing on CO. 15 into Pence Springs. The is a very pleasant, and fairly flat cruise in the Greenbrier Valley.

Pence Springs to Alders on.: Crossing the Greenbrier River on CO. 15, you come to the intersection with State 3 - 13. There is a convenience store in sight up the road to the right from this intersection. This is the only source of public water and food on the route. However, you go left and make an immediate right onto CO. 3/18. This is a steep climb of 0.6 miles up to the junction with CO. 6. Taking a right (really straight) on county 6, you continue to climb, but on a much gentle grade along Right hand Fork though the community of Clayton (more a place on a map, than a community.) where you continue straight onto CO. 7. Past Clayton, you will top out out and cross over to the Griffith Fork drainage and begin the descent down to the Greenbrier River. At the river, you take a left onto St. 3 - 13 for a relatively flat ride back into Alders on. and the Finish. This section of road will have the most traffic on the route.

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Food-Water Sources:
The only public food and water sources on the route, is the convenience store off to the right at the junction of CO. 15 and State 3 in Pence Springs. The route goes in the opposite direction.

Items of Interest Along the Route:

Pence Springs is the only place of note on this route, but the scenery is beautiful.

Local Sources

Nearest Bike Shops:
Hill and Holler Bicycle Works,121 East Washington Street, Lewisburg, WV


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