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Downtown Alderson on Route 12.  Pedestrian bridge in on the left. View of Greenbrier River looking West from the pedestrian bridge. Author on bridge. Looking across bridge from North Alderson to South Alderson.  You continue straight at the end of the bridge onto Route 3. Route 3. Bare right here off of Route 3 onto 3/2.  Creamery Road. P1030081 (Copy) Some of the surface of 3/2 isn't the greatest, but is passable. It isn't long before you enter Summers County. Plenty of ups and downs on the route. Bare left at the intersection with Kellers Creek Road 15/1.  Kellers Creek Rd can be used as a short cut. P1030087 (Copy) Climbs are rewarded with downhills. Bare right at this intersection.  You are back in Monroe County here.  You are on Cty. 7/1 and will take a right onto Cty.7 with will become Summers Cty. 15 after the next short climb. P1030091 (Copy) Summers County looking toward the Greenbrier River. Looking down Summers Cty. 15. Summers Cty. 15 Nearing the Greenbrier River basin. What is cuter than new born calves in the Spring. Bare right at the river to continue on Cty. 15 to Spence Springs. C&O Bridges over the Greenbrier River. Riding along the river on Cty. 15 toward Spence Springs. Here is where the previously mentioned  Kellers Creek Road comes in from the Right. Kellers Creek Road. Racing the train to Pence Springs. One lane bridge across the Greenbrier R. at Spence Springs. Greenbrier River at Pense Springs. The one convenience store on the route is about and 1/8 mile to the right on Rt. 3 at Spence Springs.  Bike route goes left on Route 3 and an immediate right. Cty. 15 intersection with State 3 at Pence Springs.  Store is to the right.  Bike route is to the left. You make a left on 3 and an immediate right onto West Clayton Rd.  Cty 3/18 and begin short steep climb. Cty. 3/18 sign. Climb on Cty. 3/18. Bare right at top of climb onto Cty. 6 Clayton Road. Cty. 6, Claton Road thru Hypesville. Nice to know they are Friendly. Bare left to stay on Cty. 6 at intersection with Kelly Mountain Road. Cty. 6 follows a stream upgrade to Clayton. Stream Church at Clayton is a little detour. Cty. 6 ends her.  Continue straight onto Cty 7 here.  Going left takes you to Judson. Sign Shortly after going onto Cty. 7 you top out and begin the descent to the Greenbrier River again. Small farms in the area. This horse has plenty of pasture. Downhills feel good by now. Bare right at the intersection of Griffith Creek Rd. and you will soon reach the river. You can just see a little of State 3 in the middle left of this picture. Bare left onto State Routs 3 and 12 at this intersection and follow them back to Alderson. You will be coming off of the East Clayton Road. P1030165 (Copy) This farm is just outside of Alderson. Entering Alderson from the West on State 3.  You are almost finished.
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