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Randolph County

Randolph County Location MapRandolph County is located in the central highlands of West Virginia. The county seat, Elkins is one of the larger towns in the central highlands. Elkins, with its restaurants, and lodging options, is a good location for exploring the highlands.

Randolph County Rides

The Allegheny Highlands Trail provides a nice flat riding experience for anyone with a mountain or cross bike. The first three miles out of Elkins are paved, the the remainder has a fine crushed stone finish. The trail is 22 miles between Elkins and Parsons, and now extends to Hendricks, where it connects wth the Blackwater Canyon Trail.. Paved parts of the trail are used for both of the routes listed below.

A little about the county.

Randolph County, like Tucker, owes much of its early industrial development to Henry Gassaway Davis and Stephen B. Elkins. The extension of the Pittsburg and West Virginia Railroad (Western Maryland) to Elkins and eventually Durbin and Webster Springs, opened the vast virgin forest to development. Forestry is still a major industry in the county. The railroad

The forest are celebrated with the annual Mountain State Forest Festival, the largest and oldest festival in West Virginia. The railroad that once created economic development by hauling lumber and coal out of the county, now provides tourism dollars, by attracting visitors for various rides on Mountain Rail Adventures.

. The headquarters of the Monongahela National Forest is located in Elkins. Bruce Hardwood Flooring has a manufacturing plant near Beverly.

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