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Sarton Loop


Length: 37.4 Miles
Climbing: 2.755 Feet*
Rating: 3.3

* figure. Cyclometer reading appear to be much higher.

This ride is in northern Monroe County and edges into Summers County on the western end of the loop. The closest large towns are Alderson and Union. The turn list starts in Union, the county seat of Monroe county. A PDF map and turn list may be downloaded from the left column.

Sarton Loop PDF Map and Turn List

Ride with GPS File created by George Cook

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General Description

Starting in Union, you head north on U.S. 219 for 2.4 miles, the main North South artery through the county. This will be the highest traffic portion of the ride. After passing the BF Goodrich plant, a major employer in the county, you turn onto Stringtown Road. Like most of the route, Stringtown Road travels thru farming and rural home sites.

Stringtown Road takes you to State Route 3, the major East West artery through the county. State Route 3 will have some higher speed traffic, but the volume usually is not bad except for commuting periods. You have several miles of rolling terrain, before a long descent, with some sharp turns, into the Wolf Creek drainage.

This next section is an enjoyable flat stretch as the road skirts the edge of the Wolf Creek Valley. You want to be sure to resist temptation of spinning your legs out on this section as the real climbing begins after turning off of Route 3.

Turning onto County 3/2, a narrow country lane, you soon start a series of climbs and descents. The road surface varies from good to poor on this section.

From Co. 7, you begin a series of stair step climbs on the way to Knobs and some prominent high ground in the county. After passing Knobs, you begin a long and at times a steep descent into Union.

Option: Because Union is the only public source of water and food on the route, you may want to consider beginning the ride in the Wolf Creek area (near Alderson), to provide a mid ride water and food break. This also would put the major climbing in the first part of the ride.

Water and Food

Water and food is problematic on this route, as the only public sources are in Union, the starting point. You need to be sure and take sufficient water and food along with you. The fact that you can ride 43 miles without passing a store, emphasizes the rural nature of the county. Starting the ride from the Wolf Creek area would provide you a stop in Union midway through the ride to replenish water and a food break.

Lodging and Camping

Monroe County Lodging listed on Monroe County Tourism page.
Camping is available close to the ride at Moncove Lake State Park.

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